Vintage Mens Diamond ring over 1ct


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Appraises $3500.00 and $4000.00 little over 1ct…VINTAGE

See appraisals from dealers and see appraisal on pic.

This is not a smash and grab ring. We are trying to get this to list for now. Having trouble-ebay site

Just bought it. Wife says its to much ring. Wants me to wear just a Gold band. I have lost 2 or 3 wedding rings. She is not happy with me and says I will loose this one too. So it is for sale.

Bought this from a jewelry store in Harrison Ohio. We live 20 minutes down the road in Indiana. I believe once i get the appraisal up here, he will let you call him to verify its worth, etc.

Found appraisal, just had a new quick appraisal done just before Christmas. Castle Diamond store.
( When we were in line ) Says ring is Vintage and sought after. Something about Old European Cut Diamond before 1932 or 1934 she said. See her quick appraisal. Said ring is not marked so she is calling it 10kt. And she also used a gauge that shows the circle of the diamond only on top so she put .25kt ea.

See Mr. Elsens Jewelers appraisal 14kt. And .312 size diamonds. Diamond gets bigger underneath initial circle on top of diamond. See pics.

She said there is wider diamonds underneath the circle. But did appraisal quickly while we were there and then she put it at $4000.00 — if they were only .75 total. But there bigger

See apparaisal of Elsens jewelers 32 yrs in business that sold me the ring .312 size ea. Yes, you can see the diamonds underneath are bigger than .25-the second appraiser–She just said I just want to say .25 without a professional appraisal done and he cannot do it till after Christmas. Busy
Still $4000.00 at .75 so what is the ring worth at a little over 1.00 kt total? Plenty. Also a has a certan type base underneath diamonds that makes it even shine more.


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April 12, 2023 9:28 am

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