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Anet A8 3D Printer w/filament

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Brand New, Never Used The Anet A8 is a useful yet affordable 3D printer, for beginners and enthusiasts alike. With its capable extruder and hot bed, the A8 is able to print a variety of filaments. The A8 is built intuitively with a slick user interface. Detailed Overview: A solid and capable Prusa i3 variant, the Anet A8 is an extremely popular model. It has a large customer base and lots of available customization to kick start your 3D experience. It boasts a large print area and very capable NEMA17 motors to navigate the print space. The A8 comes stock with a versatile extruder and heated bed, which makes it capable of printing a diverse selection of filaments. The printer was designed with the user in mind. Part placement is intuitive and straightforward, and the board comes prelabelled with all you’ll need to know. The firmware provides an interface that is easy to navigate. As always, this printer can be controlled using Repetier Host or independently using a GCODE file and a microUSB card. Technical Specifications Frame Material: Acrylic or Aluminum Composite (Aluminum surface with plastic structure) XY Axis Accuracy: 0.012mm Z Axis Accuracy: 0.004mm Number of Extruders: 1 Extruder Diameter: 0.4mm Max Print Speed: 100mm/s Max Print Size: 220x220x240mm Nozzle Temp.: Adjustable, Maximum 250C Hot Bed Temperature: 50 to 100C Heating Plate Material: Aluminum Printable Materials: PLA, ABS, TPU, Wood Poly, PVA, PP, Nylon, Luminescent Filament Diameter: 1.75mm Data Input: microSD or USB

Ad Posted: 09-Feb-2019
Last Updated: 11-Mar-2019 06:02 PM

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