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DISH TV Remotes: Went back to TV Tower! No longer Need Remotes All Purchased New!

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WENT BACK TO OLD SCHOOL TV TOWER! No longer need our remotes. Never have to look for remote or everyone has their own. Selling all 5 remotes for $55. Two were just backup's and 3 gently used all purchased new from our DISH representative. You will need to have DISH walk you through how to set them to your Dish or may be on YouTube. Rather not separate buy them all and sell what you don't want but this way always a remote close by! We purchased our remotes through Dish but showing one as reference only from Walmart. But if separating them $15 each, will give a few days to sell all as one. Will need fresh batteries. Cross posted pick up Batesville. *Note we do have our DVR but not sure how that works to switch that over but willing to sell those. We had two boxes so we could watch different shows on separate TV's. Phone calls only please: 812.525.3054 Pick up Batesville

Ad Posted: 08-Feb-2019
Last Updated: 08-Feb-2019 12:37 PM

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