Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Please check out our most frequent questions & answers below. If you still need assistance, please feel free to CONTACT US.

  • Do I need to create a new account if I was a member of the old site?
    Nearly all batesvilleonline.com members were transferred to the new site, so you shouldn't need to create a new account. However, it wasn't possible to transfer user passwords, so you'll need to create a new one by going to batesvilleonline.com/login and click the "Lost your password?" link. Then enter the email address you used with your previous batesvilleonline.com account and click the "Reset Password" button. You'll receive an email with information about completing the process, so be sure to check your spam folder.
  • How do I edit my ad?
    1. Log into your account.
    2. Scroll over your name in the upper right and click on "Listings" or CLICK HERE (make sure you're logged in).
    3. Click the pencil icon in the Actions column (far right).
    4. Make your adjustments.
    5. Click the Update Ad button at the bottom of the page.
  • Why can’t I log in?
    Maybe you forgot your password. Use the "Lost your password?" link one the login page to reset your password. If you've forgotten your username, use the email address assigned to your account as your username.